Redirect WWW to your website on AWS Route 53

Getting a DNS Error on your Website?

But only when you try to go to it with www in the beginning?

You need to properly redirect your site.

This is how you properly set it up using AWS’ S3 and Route 53.

First, head over to S3

You should already have your domain/subdomain set up here.

Create a Bucket with the name of your domain or subdomain, such as, but with www in front of it. Like so:

one way (domain)

second way (with subdomain)

For the rest of this post i’ll be referring to the regular domain, but if you have a subdomain just do the same thing for that.

For this new bucket, go to Properties and under Static Website Hosting click Redirect Requests and put in your domain WITHOUT www.

Like this:

Press Save.

Head over to Route 53

Go to your Hosted Zone for this domain (should be set up as, and click Create Record Set.

Change the type to CNAME and make sure your name is set to

And then under Value, make sure it is set to

Should Be Working Now!

In my experience it could take up to 5 minutes for it to start working.

If not, sorry bud. Check your spelling, make sure you didn’t done goof up anything.

Or try this: