Can I watch Kingsman 2 without seeing Kingsman 1?

Yes, You Can.

I didn’t see the first Kingsman movie and I was lucky enough to see Kingsman 2 on Wednesday night, and it was fantastic. Apparently Kingsman 1 was even better– so I’m glad I watched it in this order.

It’s an intense live-action cartoon-like action movie. I was surprised to see the low ratings on review sites– it was an intensely exciting, fun, and interesting film. I’m pretty picky, too, and I thought it was great. There are slight holes in the story but dude, who cares, just accept that it’s like a cartoon and you’re good to go. Learn to have fun.

Even my girlfriend had her jaw on the floor at some of the stunts and fight scenes. It’s a great movie. Make sure your theater doesn’t suck balls– this movie has to be watched at max volume.