The Mechanical Keyboard Simulator App is FINALLY HERE


The Mechanical Keyboard Simulator Desktop App is finally ready.

Download Here

Screenshot of the application

After a surprising but welcome response to the website version of the mechanical keyboard simulator, I began development on a desktop version after a large demand for it from the community.

There’s more information (and the download!) here:

This app is still being worked on and I can push out updates– all you need to do is install the app once and it’ll notify you when it’s ready to auto-update!

There are SOUNDPACKS, which you can change the sounds of your keyboard. The app comes with one of these packs for free! The rest cost “keycaps”, which can be earned* or bought with a donation in the app. I want to record more high-quality soundpacks of cool keyboards, but as we all know, these things are expensive, so I’ve set some community goals in the app (with a live tracker!) to help fund the purchasing of these keyboards.

*Achievements are not yet available in the application, but they will be.

If there’s a demand for it, I can write up something about how the app development went, and a whole bunch of other nerd stuff. But for now, join the new & empty community on Reddit, and my community of dust-collecting tumbleweeds on Discord

Download Here