Microsoft Support Just Told Me To Buy an Xbox One X

I had a very weird encounter with Microsoft Support

My Xbox One is having issues– some weird intermittent WiFi issue where I get a 10 second lag spike every 30-60 minutes. So I decided to talk to Microsoft Support, when Cesar, in broken english, attempts to help me, which I greatly appreciated.

We eventually reached the conclusion that I only have one option, which was the Standard Exchange. To pay $135 to send Microsoft my console, and wait 14-21 days for them to repair it or send me another refurbished console.

At the time of writing this, the quarter-upgrade Xbox One S is selling for $239. Microsoft wants me to pay $135 for a used console– and also be without the console for 21 days? $135 is more than half of what the Xbox One S goes for!

Anyway– I voiced these frustrations with the support agent– I explained I realize that you, Cesar, did not make this decision, but that if he had a way to express this 10+ year customer’s disappointment to someone, please do.

Well, just read for yourself:

“This will be the greatest of all console” – Cesar A.

When the fuck did this support chat turn into an ad?

Isn’t that a little subjective, Cesar? Aren’t you biased? “This will be the greatest of all console.”

I attempted to, as politely as possible, go further with the logic of buying an Xbox One X:

This was a fair question, no? I’m a customer who sees a pattern, and that pattern is that I will need to buy every Xbox console twice, that dissuades me from your product. I don’t appreciate being told “the issue of the xbox one and xbox 360 will surely [be addressed] in xbox one x.”

I think my question was fair. If tech support tells me “It won’t break again!” and I trusted him, isn’t that some form of guarantee?

The chat got very weird from there, his next message almost sent me into an existential crisis.

Maybe God does exist? Thank you Cesar from Microsoft Support for showing me the light.

Regardless, no, I’m not buying a new console, and no, I’m not paying $135 and waiting 21 days for a used console. I’ll either deal with the lag or buy a PS4.

“for as long as is not going to be brought by any external force :)” – Cesar A.