Mechanical Keyboard Simulator (Cherry MX Blues)

Would you like a desktop app version of my Mechanical Keyboard Simulator?


I need some support to take time off from freelancing to work on this desktop app! Read the full post here.

If I reach 25 PATRONS I’ll be able to develop this thing and give you cool stuff such as:

  • FREE mechanical simulator desktop application, use it while you type or game!
  • Free updates & soundpacks

When I reach 35 PATRONS I’ll work on:

  • Achievements
  • Unlockable soundpacks!

When I reach 100 PATRONS I’ll develop:

  • Custom soundpacks
  • Community hub to and share your own custom key soundpacks! Vote for your favorites.


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Mechanical Keyboard Simulator

Mechanical keyboards can be loud. That’s the appeal for some people. It feels like typing on crunchy candy. Or like walking with really loud shoes on shards of glass and skittles.

That’s why I made this!

All the alpha keys (A-Z, 1-9) have their own recordings, and the modifiers (CTRL, TAB) have their own, and so does the Spacebar and Enter. All for that authentic experience.

I recorded all the sounds of me typing on my MagicForce 68 with Cherry MX Blues, which looks awesome. If you didn’t click that, here’s a picture of it:

Anyway making this was pretty fun and I have some dastardly ideas coming up to make this even more fun… Subscribe to keep updated on my shenanigans. Or donate to my Patreon! Thank you!