My Snowcraft Clone: Snowdraft

Play SNOWDRAFT here!

My Dad would always play this old game called Snowcraft, which is a cute little snowball fight game from a long ass time ago.

The original is fine and fun just the way it is, but I decided it’d be fun to go crazy and develop a similar game, but with much more features/wackiness. I plan on updating it every once in a while. This latest update adds difficulty options! And a start menu… If you have any ideas for the game, let me know.

Play SNOWDRAFT here!

Release Log:

November 24th, 2017: 

  • Initial release, gameplay, sounds, music, snowman, robot, slowmo

Built this in a weekend! Graphics are obviously not my strong point, but I tried!

December 7th, 2017: 

  • Added start menu
  • Added difficulty settings
  • Made it easier to pick up your units
  • Tweaked difficulty for better gameplay
  • Added stun effect
  • Added level & difficulty counter to top left

December 8th, 2017: 

  • Added mouse cursor changes and indicators
  • Removed funny joke

December 11th, 2017: 

  • Alien update! He’s got telekinesis powers
  • Time rift thingies from the Aliens
  • Better volumes (might even tweak it further next time)

What a pain in the ass this one was. I built the prototype alien very quicky and got the time-rift stuff working well, even with the conflicting Slow-mo for final kills, worked that out too.

You’d think manipulating space-time would be the hardest part about the update, right?

Nope, it was the spritesheet for the portal. It kept getting all messed up so I ended up just using the raw .PNG file. Annoying as hell, hopefully I don’t have to do this every time I update the game…

NEW December 13th, 2018:

  • Added new enemy, the hacker/commando
  • Added some new sounds
  • Updated a few graphics
  • QOL change: made the enemy zone red when you try to move over there.

I have to make an update at least once a year, right? The hacker is pretty cool.